DIY Friday: DIY Pet Beds

DIY Pet Beds

With a little creativity even your pet’s bed can match your home’s style. Whether you’re a wiz at sewing, know your way around a wood shop, or just have an old suitcase lying around, you can make a pet bed perfect for your furry (or even finned!) friend.

 DIY Friday: DIY Pet BedsThis is a really quick and easy way to transform something you might already have into a cute dog or cat bed. Just grab your vintage suitcase (or pick one up from your local thrift store) and add some padding for a dog bed you can close up and put away when not in use. Get the DIY tutorial from The Gold Jelly Bean.

 DIY Friday: DIY Pet Beds

Get out your sewing kit for this one! Just grab a medium-weight fabric of your choosing, some stuffing, and a leather strap and you can make this soft dog bed in no time. Get the DIY tutorial from Design Sponge.

 DIY Friday: DIY Pet BedsYour kitty should sleep in style. For those who are handy with a saw and sander, this more complicated pet bed is an awesome project to take on. Made from an old table and some scrap wood, this cat bed will put all store-bought beds to shame. Get the DIY tutorial from Junk Camp.

 DIY Friday: DIY Pet BedsGo multifunctional! If you like keeping your home tight and tidy, go for this diy dog (or cat!) bed. Just take a part an old dresser side table and outfit it for your furry friend to snuggle up in. The best part is you can still use the top drawer for storage and have your pet nearby at night. Get the DIY tutorial from DIY Network.

 DIY Friday: DIY Pet BedsOkay, so this one isn’t really a pet bed, but I think it counts. Skip boring fish bowls and turn an old gumball machine into an aquatic paradise for your fish. Very cute. Get the DIY tutorial from Instructables.

Which one of these DIY pet beds do you like best?

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